This is a short summary of my professional experience and main academic achievements. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional details of your particular interest.

Alberto Aragon-Correa is the Professor of Strategy and the Alight Talent & Leadership Chair and T-Systems Chair of Sustainable Digital Innovation at the University of Granada (Spain). Previously he was an Honorary Professor of Management and Professor of International Business at the University of Surrey (United Kingdom) and a guest visiting scholar at UC Los Angeles (UCLA) and UC Berkeley (USA), and ETH Zurich (Switzerland). Currently, Professor Aragon-Correa is also the Director of the Talent Incubator at the University of Granada and writes the blog «Empresas y Futuro Sostenible» (Firms and Sustainable Future), an influential webpage in Spanish about trends in business management. Alberto collaborates with multiple international firms to improve their innovative capability and corporate sustainability approaches.

Expertise in Business and Sustainability

Alberto’s research examines firms’ business strategies, especially those related to the connections between innovation, governance, international strategies, and sustainability.  Alberto has focused on analyzing the management approaches and contexts that simultaneously improve corporate socio-environmental, competitive, and financial outputs. He has recently received the Academy of Management «ONE Distinguished Scholar Award» because of his «outstanding academic impact and international leadership in the field of organizations and the natural environment». His work has also been included in the “List of Top Two Percent Scientists in the World” published by Clarivate and Prof. Ioannidis (Stanford University).

Professor Aragon-Correa’s works have been highly influential, and his publications have received more than 12,000 citations according to Google Scholar. His research ranges from academic articles based on econometric analyses of large datasets of international firms to case studies of individual small firms. Alberto’s research has been published in many top scholarly management journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Annals, Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Academy of Management Perspectives, California Management Review,  Long Range Planning, Academy of Management Learning and Education, and British Management Journal, among others. He also participates in multiple blogs and media channels.

Services to Firms and Managerial Experience

Alberto has also provided consulting services to multiple international firms and regional governments. Because he has worked in more than 15 countries all around the world (under consulting contracts ranging from one month to several years), he has learned to be confident in multiple cultural environments. His research has helped identify operative and strategic approaches to improving organizations’ sustainability initiatives. Alberto’s services have successfully improved organizational approaches to engage employees, customers, and social agents in new initiatives. He has also helped design innovative initiatives to implement and communicate advanced IT processes. Alberto has also served as principal investigator for more than 25 research grants funded by public and private competitive research calls.

Professor Aragon-Correa has strong managerial experience. He has served as a deputy dean (six years), a department chair (two years), the head of a research team (10 years), a founding director of a PhD program (four years), the founding research director of an institute (three years), and the founding director of a master’s program (six years). He has also been the executive head of multiple academic international initiatives. He was the founding president of the Group of Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN), which organizes the most relevant academic conference in Europe to foster high-quality research on corporate sustainability and to build collaborations among international scholars engaged in these topics. He was also the coordinator of the proposal to organize the first Academy of Management Thematic Conference in Europe (focusing on management, big data, and the digital revolution). Additionally, he served on the steering committee of the Organizations and Natural Environment’s (ONE) Division in the Academy of Management (five years) and was President of this Division.

Alberto also has plenty of editorial experience. He is the current Editor of a Cambridge University Press book series, Organizations and the Natural Environment (in collaboration with Professor Jorge Rivera). He is also a Consulting Editor of Organization & Environment, a leading SAGE journal on sustainability. Previously, he served as editor-in-chief of Organization & Environment (with Professor Mark Starik). Alberto and Mark worked together to complete an exciting transformation of the journal into a premier academic journal in the field of business and sustainability. Alberto also serves or has served as a member of editorial boards for the Journal of Management Studies, the Academy of Management Learning & Education, the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, and the International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, among others. He has been a guest editor of the California Management Review and the Academy of Management Learning & Education. Finally, he has collaborated as an ad-hoc reviewer with most of the top-tier academic journals in the fields of business and management.