Alberto’s CV

This section includes an executive version of Alberto’s academic CV. It provides a selection of some interesting information about his academic background, teaching, executive experience, awards, and publications. You can find details in different sections of this webpage.

Alberto Aragón-Correa is a Professor of Strategy, the T-Systems Chair of Innovation in Digital Sustainability, and the Director of the Talent Incubator at the University of Granada (Spain). Previously, he was the Professor of Management at the University of Surrey (UK) and a Visiting Scholar at the University of California in Los Angeles (USA) and at the University of California in Berkeley (USA).

Alberto has been ranked in the updated version of the “List of Top Two Percent Scientists in the World” published by Prof. Ioannidis (Stanford University). Furthermore, he has been recently awarded the Academy of Management “ONE Distinguished Scholar Award because of his “outstanding international leadership and academic impact in the field of organizations and natural environment”.

His research expertise is the connection between firms’ business strategies and sustainability. He has published on a range of relevant sustainability topics such as international firms’ environmental strategies, environmental coercive and voluntary regulation, corporate environmental innovations, and the influence of boards and investors on corporate environmental strategies, among others. His works have been published in multiple top-tier academic journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Perspective, Journal of Management, California Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, among others. All his works together have received more than 11,000 citations according to Google Scholar.

Prof Aragón-Correa also has a strong record of academic services in multiple international relevant initiatives. To illustrate, he has been the Chair of the Academy of Management’s Organizations and the Natural Environment Division, the fastest growing division of the Academy of Management, and President of the Group of Research on Organizations and Natural Environment (GRONEN), the biggest research network on environmental management in Europe. Currently, he is the Consulting Editor of Organization & Environment, a SAGE leading journal in the multidisciplinary field of the connections between organizations and sustainability.  Additionally, he is Co-Editor in Chief of the Cambridge University Press’s book series on organizations and sustainability.

Additionally, Alberto has a successful career in managing multiple university innovative programs and organizations. His university services include two years as the Director of the Management Department and six years as the Deputy Dean of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Granada (ranked as the 4th school in Spain by international publications), and two years as Research Director of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise Management at the University of Surrey (UK).

Finally, his teaching experience includes undergraduate, graduate, executive, and doctoral education in the subjects of “Strategic Management”, “International Business”, and “Sustainable Business”. He has relevant experience in tailoring language, tone, style, and format to match multiple audiences. The combination of outstanding teaching evaluation reports and students’ distinctions, conference awards, and successful executive seminars and contracts with the industry and the government illustrates these skills.

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